Since 2013 Our Customers Have Saved:
Your Home

Making your home energy efficient can save you a lot of money each month. There is no better investment that you can make than into your home or property. With paybacks of less than 5 years for most of our systems, products and materials our clients have stated “how do I say no”.

“The Energy House team of expert’s shows you how to save energy and money in your homes and businesses.”

By taking a holistic approach to all of its projects the Energy House have consistently saved our customers between 50 to 100% on their energy costs. Our team of energy experts studies a property through our Energy House Energy Review, our BEA Energy Load and Use analysis, and the inclusion of an independent Energy Evaluation of your structure.

Energy Efficiency

3 Easy Steps to Energy Efficiency

  1. The Energy House Energy Review – This FREE service is the starting point to make your home energy efficient. (Link to web site)
  2. Get An Energy Evaluation (Audit) – Let the Energy House team arrange for you to have a certified energy evaluator come to your home and confirm the areas of energy saving in your home.
  3. Energy Modeling – Create an overall energy plan with our computers and software to show you where the savings are and what the costs that are associated with making those savings.

3 Easy Steps to Energy Efficiency