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Energy House 5

Energy House 5

Energy House Five – Education & Demonstration Showcase

Energy House Five – Education & Demonstration ShowcaseImmediate Release
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Federal Contracting LLC is proud to present a
New Custom Green Home in Alexandria

This ENERGY STAR 3.0 custom home is being built by a local contractor for a homeowner on a quiet lot near Chinquapin Circle. This 7,500 sf single family home has been designed by award winning and local architect Lyndl Joseph of Great Seal, an architecture and design firm.

Energy House Five – Education & Demonstration ShowcaseThe Energy House team has been expanded to include an established ENERGY STAR builder, Federal Contracting LLC to build one of the most energy efficient homes in Alexandria. This house is projected to be 60% more energy efficiency than a normal code house. That means the cost of its operation for heating and cooling will be around $120 per month.

Energy House Five is currently under construction and will be the feature of on-going Energy House updates and educational Tweets and videos about the energy features of this home and its construction. Our goal is for our customers to learn from this information and then apply to their own energy project.

Stay tuned for all the news coming from Energy House Five. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as this one of a kind energy showcase is being built in Alexandria.