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Energy House 15


Tucked away in a commercial area of Alexandria is an exciting new Energy Efficiency project. This job is being labeled as Energy House 15, the next Solutions Center Demonstration Showcase on how to not only save 50% on your office’s energy bills but also how to affordably manage and monitor your energy use in a commercial building.

This 10,000 sf facility houses both the headquarters of one of the area’s best painting companies as well as a workshop for a prominent Alexandria general contractor. This stand-alone structure, it is made of cement block, flat roof, and three separate HVAC systems. It offers office, warehouse and workshop space in the building. All the utilities to the facility are metered collectively, and therefore shared on a percentage basis with one tenant paying 77% and the other paying 23%. Neither knowing if they were paying too much or too little and the system they were in did not encourage energy savings. We were about to change all that.

The Challenge: To not only make the space more energy efficient but also to provide the occupants the ability to monitor and manage their energy use. To know exactly what each space was consuming in electric, gas, water, sewer HVAC and security. While most energy management systems are able to control large-scale facilities, 80% of all the commercial buildings in the USA are 50,000 sf or less. Up to now, there has been no way to offer owners, tenants and property managers the ability to control spaces in their mid to smaller sized buildings, never mind affordable.

Energy monitoring and management of a building are reported to reduce energy consumption between 15 to 18%. Then if you add energy efficiency upgrades from the Energy House Team meeting the Challenge routinely.

SMART Building Technologies has created an operating system that will create a dashboard for both tenant and property managers to enable them to control, lighting, HVAC thermostats, security, and cameras. As well as monitor sensors for water and gas usage, mechanical systems as well as the energy being used by each and all of those systems.

Imagine, getting home and realizing the light in the warehouse was left on and remotely you can see that fact on your laptop and from any location turn off the lights.

Imagine, being alerted by your thermostats that it’s call for heat by your mechanical system was not responding as expected and the thermostat sends you and your technician a very polite email suggesting service along with that notification your building engineer can check the unit’s operation from his office or even home without having to make a visit to the site.

Imagine, not wondering, but having a readout of the exact energy used each month by each space and tenant in a month. Gross building leases are a thing of the past.

Imagine, this program of energy reduction, monitoring, and management reduces your energy costs by 50% or more. These savings potentially increase your companies bottom line.

Imagine, all of this can be financed by PACE without corporate or personal signature of a loan. The money financed for energy efficiency is paid for from a portion of the energy savings.

Overview Energy Upgrade:

  • LED lighting install throughout the building – 50% Savings Lighting
  • Weatherization of doors and openings – 15% Savings Overall
  • Monitoring & Managing all systems in the building – 15% Savings Overall
  • WiFi Sub Meter separating individual tenant spaces
  • Designated HVAC systems for each tenant and space – 15% Savings Overall