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Energy House 1

Energy House One

As a means of demonstrating the most advanced energy management systems in the market today ERM and its associates of energy experts developed the first in a series of Energy Homes at 2931 Melanie Lane in Oakton VA.

This residential energy retrofit of an existing home was developed in association with the homeowner to afford this residence the most innovative energy systems at a discounted price in exchange for the opportunity to demonstrate these systems to a select public.

The Melanie Lane project featured an interactive home energy system that monitors the property’s energy usage, coordinates and reports on its heating and cooling. In addition the home exhibited a complete energy-efficient lighting scheme, eco-friendly VOC paint, water management systems, solar hot water, energy efficient weatherization, insulation, and a bottom line analysis of all these programs for payback and their return on investment for the property owner.

In a constantly changing energy marketplace the demonstration house was felt to be the best vehicle to acquaint consumers with the concept of energy management and all that can be done to make a home safe and comfortable, and to reduce its energy consumption. This is a holistic approach to updating your property. From safety to energy consumption all the way through the construction process – ERM is your partner.