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Energy House 4

Energy House Four – Update
110 Visitors in one weekend!

Visitor Survey Results – from our on-site surveys conducted during Energy House Four event

EH Four Voted “Best Energy House So Far”

EH Four Voted “Best Energy House So Far”

Last month the Energy House team exhibited Energy House Four which was located in a historic section of Alexandria. This Showcase Education and Demonstration home displayed not only the best energy management practices of the Energy House partners but also showed how tremendous interior design by both the architect and interior designer can make energy efficiency work for any home.

In case you missed the open house – please watch the video to see what all the great reviews were all about.

Energy House 4

Energy House Four Partners

Severn Graphics

DSP Contractors LLC

Juan Cabrera Electrician

Air Cool & Heat

Eco House

Cherry Hill Cabinetry

Enterprise Tax & Accounting

PWD Windows and Doors

Great Seal Architecture

Northern Virginia Drilling

DeConstruction Services

REHAU Construction, LLC

Transcend Home Theater

Energy House Partner Exhibits

Station #1 – Northern Virginia Well Drilling & REHAU Construction

For Energy House Four these two companies combined their efforts to do the vertical well drilling for the project.

Northern Virginia Well Drilling & REHAU Construction

Your full service drilling company

Northern Virginia Drilling, Inc. is an industry leading drilling company in the Mid-Atlantic. We provide our clients with experience and technology to provide the latest in technological drilling services. Our primary drilling operations consist of Geothermal System Drilling, Water Well Drilling, Pump System Drilling, and Water filtration systems drilling.

Unlimited Polymer Solutions

Expertise and innovative spirit have made REHAU a leading systems and service provider for polymer-based solutions in construction, automotive and industry. By combining strong development capabilities with decentralized sales and service excellence, we have become one of the top providers in the market. The highest levels of professionalism from material development through manufacturing, together with a passion for the unlimited potential of polymers are the foundation of our worldwide success as a premium brand.

Station #2 – PWD Windows

For Energy House Four PWD provided all new Energy Efficient Anderson 400 Series windows and patio doors.

PWD Windows

We Are A Small Company Dedicated to Doing Windows Right

Because builders have a responsibility to their clients, because homeowners want and deserve the very best in comfort and style for their homes, PWD is about quality and accountability. From our superior, innovative products in windows and doors to the genuine dedication performed by our professionally-trained installers on every job, quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Station #3 – Great Seal Architects

For Energy House Four – Lyndl Joseph was the Architect on the job and incorporated energy efficiency into tremendous design.

Lyndl Joseph

We have successfully managed the design solutions for complex projects since 1997

Great Seal, LLC (Great Seal) is an award-winning architectural design firm founded by regionally recognized and nationally decorated designer, Lyndl T. Joseph. Great Seal is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) that provides customized solutions and architectural expertise uniquely tailored to Commercial and Residential client needs

Station #4 – Transcend Home Theater and Smart Technology

For Energy House Four – Dan Lieberman provided the energy monitoring for the project that allows the customer to view their energy usage for multiple sources, like the homes geothermal system, mini split system and lighting as well as see their overall monthly usage of electrical.


Transcend Home Theater – Professional solutions for your home theater, audio/video, and automation needs. Transcend Home Theater provides professional solutions for your home theater and automation needs. Our consulting, installation, and equipment are all of the highest quality.

If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur! Red Adair

Station #5 – Cherry Hill Cabinetry

For Energy House Four – Cherry Hill Cabinetry provided an Eco-Friendly kitchen to the project. With sustainable low VOC cabinets and natural stone counter tops the kitchen and pantry are one of the absolute highlights of the home.


Cherry Hill Cabinetry – Whether you’re looking for a full-service kitchen and bath remodeling company, or simply a cabinet and appliance supplier for your new home or remodel currently underway, we’ve got the products and services to meet your needs. Our goal at Cherry Hill Cabinetry is to provide you with personalized customer service from the design phase, all of the way through to the final result.

Putting ‘custom’ in customer service

Station #6 – Air Cool & Heat

For Energy House Four – This local heating and cooling company designed and installed one of the most energy efficient geothermal systems in this market. As one of the very best energy companies throughout the VA, DC & MD markets having Air Cool & Heat as part of the EH team made this project very special.

Air Cool & Heat

Station #7 – Energy House – Hosts & Administration

For Energy House Four – The organization and of the Energy House events are brought to you by BEA/ERM. This company has produced all four of the Energy House Education and Demonstration Showcases. We are a team with our sponsors and all our efforts together have made the Energy House the most popular Energy Open House Event in the DC area.

Energy House – Hosts & Administration

Dear Energy House Guests and Supporters

On behalf of all the Energy House Partners and Staff we would like to thank you for attending the Energy House Four, in Alexandria this past month.

The turnout was tremendous, the response encouraging and we had a great opportunity to meet many new people from those neighborhoods in Alexandria. It was also good to see the Energy House supporters who have been to a number of our Energy House events and to those who have attended them all, it is always a pleasure.

We believe everyone was in agreement, the home as designed by Nestor Santa-Cruz is outstanding and we hope is further saluted by the Design field for his work on 615 Oakland Terrace. What also has to be mentioned is the tremendous job the homeowner did, Stacey Simpson was the true force behind not only the design but the overall construction that occurred. In a very nice way she was involved in nearly every aspect of the project and her taste and influence can be seen throughout this beautiful home.

Thanks again to the homeowners for allowing the Energy House to occur and we are looking forward to a long relationship with them both as they continue the home toward perfection.

Breaking news is about to be released about a new Energy House coming this month in Arlington. We are very excited to bring forward this next opportunity to learn about Energy Opportunities and to view our work in Energy House Six.

Best regards

Charles Juris
Energy House


Immediate Release – Open House – March 9th and 10th, 2013 – 12 pm to 4 pm. One Weekend Only!

Alexandria Historic Home – Complete Renovation & Energy Upgrade

Alexandria Historic Home

Click to Register for Energy House 4: Sat & Sun, Mar 9-10 in Alexandria, VA 


Energy House Four is located in a prominent section of Alexandria, which features large homes with expansive front lawns, unique architecture and rich history. This education and demonstration showcase is scheduled to be open to tours early on March 9th and 10th.

Energy House Four was a residential energy retrofit of an existing home, along with a complete renovation of the entire inside of the property. Local award winning architects and interior designers collaborated with ERM to remake this historic residence.


Before the beginning of the Civil War, the current homeowner informs, “this Alexandria home was rumored to have been built by Robert E. Lee’s uncle.” The original house presided over a farm, which included stables and pastures that provided milk to the White House. In the early 1920’s, the farm house was expanded in order to be more prominent and all that remained of the original structure was the entry way and staircase which is still the centerpiece of the home today.

Expanding the home’s rich history is the direct experience of a current family member who as a boy from the area stood in the driveway and watched President Franklin D. Roosevelt visiting the home for dinner. The family member recalls, “With its line of black limousines pulling into the driveway, the President was then assisted into the house in his wheel chair.” The young man, watching this spectacle, had no idea that his family would shortly own the home he was standing outside of.

Shortly after the visit by the President of the United States, the family purchased the home and the farm that it supported. The site has been owed by this family for three generations. An expansion followed the new ownership at that time and was only changed modestly since the 1940s.


As a result, this single family home was a tremendous candidate for not only a major energy upgrade, but the homeowners also felt that it was ready for a complete renovation of the interior of the home.



Green Features for Energy House Four

Energy Efficient Upgrades
Resulted in a 75% Reduction of Air Infiltration

? Anderson 400 Series Efficient New Windows
? Air Sealing Throughout the Home
? Crawl Space Insulation and Sealing
? Rim Joists Insulation
? Attic Insulation Improved to R49 In Eaves and Attic Area
? Weatherization of all Exterior Doors
? High Efficiency Lighting Scheme
? Smart Technology – Energy Monitoring of Current Electrical Usage


Heating and Cooling
HVAC Loads Reduced from 11.5 Tons to only 6.5 Tons

? Savings on HVAC Equipment Reduction to Home Owner – $25,000.00
? Geothermal Used for Heating and Cooling Requirements
? Hot Water Heating Supplemented With Geothermal
? High Velocity Unico System for Historic Homes
? Programmable Thermostat


? Mini Split Electric Heat Pump Used for Zoned Supplement to Geo System

Mini Split Electric Heat Pump Used for Zoned Supplement to Geo System