Since 2013 Our Customers Have Saved:


The Energy House team can make your home or business energy efficient.

Our customers have taught us over the past years –
that their reasons to go EE are to make their home more:

– affordable
– comfortable
– safe, and
– sustainable

The Energy House Solutions Center is…

The Solutions Center in Alexandria is our showroom, offices and lab. It is designed and operated as a comfortable, real-life venue, for education on energy efficiency as a systems approach

“Sells” energy efficiency by:

  • visible working examples
  • bringing services and technologies together in optimal combinations of:
    – design
    – operations and maintenance, and owner/operator behavior
  • Focuses on cost-savings and financial rewards, prioritizing and phasing within customer budget over time
  • It’s on its way to net zero, with an electric bill of $51/month! Energy House showcases:
  • GreenFiber cellulose insulation
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Mini-split
  • Smart measurement and building management technology (working with BEMOSS!)
  • Security
  • Instant hot water

Events bring people together to learn and discuss – for example, recent events include:

  • ACEEE’s Mary Shoemaker on federal and state policy
  • Innovation Session – Aquicore’s energy management systems
  • A Green Realtors workshop
  • Open House for Anderson Windows

For internal members, the Energy House Links Group, for presentations for professional

  • Located in Alexandria, VA, Energy House works hard every day to inform homeowners and businesses about energy efficiency, and how to save on energy expenses.
  • Over the past three years alone, we estimate our customers have saved more than $200,000 from the energy saving systems, devices and design of their upgraded properties that our team has provided. We have proven that our team of energy experts can save our customers 50%-100% on their utility usage.
  • We are a truly holistic company, in that we consider the entire facility. We can upgrade properties systems from HVAC, to lighting, insulation, SMART Tech, solar, design, functionality, and safety.
  • Energy House knows that 51% of all energy saved comes from the actions of the consumer, and because of that our team provides the SMART Technologies to not only teach our clients on how their systems and devices work, but also prove their success by monitoring our installations for a minimum of 1 year after installation.
  • At Energy House, we strive to bring the most innovative products in the energy efficiency field to our customers. Each and every product is tested in our showroom and even our own homes prior to incorporation of it into the upgraded design of our customer’s properties.

Call us today for a FREE Energy Review of your property. It is the best way for both of us to understand how the Energy House team can make it less expensive, more comfortable, and safer for the future.

Contact Charles Juris President Energy House at 571-269-4393 or via email at