Since 2013 Our Customers Have Saved:

The Energy House team can make your home or business energy efficient.

Our customers have taught us over the past years –
that their reasons to go Energy
Efficient are to make their home more:

– affordable
– comfortable
– safe
– sustainable

The Energy House is…

A team of proven energy efficiency experts that can reduce the energy consumption of your property 50% to 100% depending on what you are needing to accomplish.

The Energy House concept was established to provide our customers, their homes, and small businesses, in the metro DC area with the very best alternative for energy efficiency services over the past 12 years.  The Energy House is a unique provider of energy efficiency services:

  • Design – Our Architects and Engineers are some of the very best in the area. Their projects are living examples of the best in Energy Efficiency incorporated into a practical and affordable plan.
  • Materials – The Energy House researches all of the products that it endorses before they are offered to a client or a project. We carefully review and field test all of the systems and products that we propose before they are recommended by the Energy House team.
  • Energy House Events – Visible Working Examples of Energy Efficiency.
  • Setting Budgets – Focuses on cost-savings and financial rewards, prioritizing and phasing within customer needs over time and as budgets allow.
  • SMART Technologies – Incorporated into all of our jobs, “If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it”.

Please enjoy our Web Site. We have offered a lot of information on Energy Efficiency but also on our projects, our partners and our Energy House Team. Our process of making properties energy efficient has been proven over the many years that we been in operation. Let us show you how to upgrade your properties to be comfortable, affordable, safer and more sustainable.

Contact us today for a FREE Energy Review of your property. It is the best way for both of us to understand how the Energy House Team can change your life.

Please Contact Charles Juris, President Energy House.