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SMART Technologies

BEA, Smart, Management, and Reporting, Technologies, is the intelligence based framework of the Energy House. A division of Bright Energy Alternatives Corp. its function is to identify opportunities of energy efficiency in all of the projects that the Energy House is part of.

This team of energy experts separates the energy management systems of the Energy House from its competition in the metro Washington DC area. The analytical approach of BEA SMART Tech and the focused expertise of the Energy House brings energy efficiency to a property using measured data to best determine advanced energy management technics for a home or small business.

As the real estate industry begins to shift its focus and emphasis toward energy efficiency, the leading characteristics of Energy House and BEA are becoming the industry standards in the marketplace. Only through the Study, Design, and Monitoring of a property can energy efficiency be integrated into a property.


BEA SMART Tech uses the following methods of finding problems in a property that lead to discomfort and high energy bills.

Energy Review

Energy Evaluation

Energy Modeling



The Energy House knows that “Energy Efficiency Begins on the Drawing Boards” nowhere is that more apparent than in the design of a new home or the expansion of an existing structure.

SB Design Studios is the architect of record for EH 14 and other current projects for the coming year.


Work Detail 


  • Architectural


When all the work is done, the crews depart and your design has been realized, who watches the property? Energy use begins to creep back and the projected gains are lost, returns suffers and consumption increases. Bad habits replace an energy conscious and the savings or comfort that motivated the exercise originally is replaced with day to day activities of life.

The Energy House & BEA will watch your buildings’ energy and water consumption so you don’t have to!

  • Egauge
  • Ecobee Thermostats
  • Watt vision

Energy MonitoringEnergy Monitoring