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Pepco Cut Electric Bill by 40%

Pepco Cuts Electric Bill by 40%
The Energy House team’s renovation of this Capitol Hill townhouse resulted in Pepco volunteering a 40% cut in the client’s monthly power bill, demonstrating that cost-effective renovations which implement energy-efficient techniques have a significant positive effect not only on the environment, but on homeowners’ wallets.

Energy House Three was a residential energy retrofit of an existing townhome, developed in association with the owner to install the most innovative energy systems at a discounted price, in exchange for the opportunity to demonstrate these systems to a select public.

Power Meter

Power Meter

ERM (Energy Resource Management Construction Corp LLC), a local company based in Virginia, provides energy design and installation to residences and small business in the metro DC area.

As an energy management company ERM collaborates with a number of local green professional firms and contractors to make the improvements necessary to upgrade existing properties in our area. A list of our partners can be found on our web site.

Energy House 3 featured an interactive home energy system that monitors the property’s energy usage, which yielded a near 40% decrease in usage and costs before the project was even completed. In addition, the home exhibits a complete energy efficient lighting scheme, green VOC paint, water management system, energy efficient weatherization, insulation, and a bottom line analysis of all those programs for payback and a surprising return on investment for the property owner.

Energy House Kitchens

This historic Capitol Hill location was an ideal setting to demonstrate our systems and solutions. The high efficiency “mini split” heating and cooling units used in this project are being embraced by a growing tide of homeowners in the DC area. According to the property owner of EH Three, “the mini split units really work well, not only are they almost silent but they are easy to operate and very inexpensive in comparison to the electric heat and window air conditioning that I had before.”

Energy House III Video

Mary O’Brien – MKO

At the heart of the Energy House Three townhome renovation was a redesign of the living space by Mary O’Brien of MKO Design.  The renovation provided ERM the opportunity to seal and insulate the raw space to a very high standard, providing significant energy savings, and dramatically reducing sound passage from bustling Capitol Hill traffic and activity.

The fully renovated kitchen and living room created by one of the area’s top designers demonstrated that energy efficiency and cost savings can be integral to a beautiful appearance, indistinguishable from less energy-efficient solutions.

In the words of designer Mary O’Brien, “that was our goal, to do a first class job in decorating and to incorporate a top of the line energy design all the while showing that both of these upgrades can work very well together to be an extraordinary show house for the community.”