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3 Easy Steps to Energy Efficiency
  1. The Energy House Energy Review – This FREE service is the starting point to make your home energy efficient.
  2. Get an Energy House Work Detail Done for Your Property – Based on the findings from the Energy Review let the Energy House team arrange for you to have a Contractors Open House to collect pricing for all the work that you are considering to make your property more Energy Efficient. This open house is the best way for our clients to establish a budget for their job that works for their needs. The Energy Work Detail is the next step in the process of becoming energy efficient.
  3. Energy Design – Create an overall energy plan for your property based on, best construction practices, advanced energy saving equipment, experienced energy efficiency contractors together with hard costs and savings for you to make your decisions. It is our motto “That clients that are presented with all the information always make great decisions”. The Energy House team will provide you with this information on the upgrade of your property. That is our job.