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Published On: 17 February 2021 / Category: Education / By: astracomputer

We are writing to you to advance a Climate Change concept by you to unite the world against the coming crisis. As a recognized leader in the CC field and we are reaching out in an attempt to improve the awareness of Climate Change. Will you please let us know what you think and if

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Published On: 28 January 2020 / Category: Blog, Featured, News / By: astracomputer

The Festival Center, a long-established Rec Center in Washington DC has decided to go Green! Given the age of their facility (25 years) the Board of Directors has engaged the process of upgrading their property to be more energy efficient.

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Published On: 31 October 2019 / Category: Blog, Featured, News, Partner Spotlight / By: astracomputer

As the cost of cable television has increased consistently, errors in billing that have occurred monthly and key channels disappear from the lineup with no cost adjustments it has become time to “CUT THE CABLE CORD” ✂️

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Published On: 6 January 2018 / Category: Blog, Featured, News / By: astracomputer

Man of the Year Energy House National Man of the Year President Emmanuel Macron – Outstanding Leadership Although the rest of the world — and much of the United States — has continued working to meet the Paris commitments, French President Emmanuel Macron called Trump’s decision “very bad news” and cautioned against complacency. In opening

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Published On: 13 September 2017 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: astracomputer

by Derek Meyer At first sight, it is unassuming, just one more business in a shopping center between a paint store and a restaurant supply company. However, it’s getting more and more attention and interest lately. “Welcome to the Solutions Center!” That’s Charley Juris speaking, founder of the Energy House Solutions Center, a one-stop shop

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Published On: 14 December 2016 / Category: Blog, Energy House 14 / By: astracomputer Energy House 14 Update

Come by and visit Energy House 14 anytime – see the first renovated Net Zero home in Alexandria. All the products featured in this article are easily found and demonstrated at the Energy House Solutions Center at 4603A Eisenhower Ave in Alexandria. Call for a tour and appointment 703-593-5525 or contact The progress on

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