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Water Recovery

Saving, controlling and managing water is becoming one of the most important functions for homes and business. As the cost of water escalates around the world concern for saving money from better water harvesting and savings are on the top of the list for reducing costs.

Water Recovery


Make sure all gutters are in proper working condition. Gutter screens are highly recommended for most homes in the metro DC area due to the large amount of tree coverage that our communities tend to promote and require. In some areas of a home where large roof areas are being collected by the gutter system for rain, commercial gutters may be required (6 inch) This enlarge gutter will reduce overflow of the gutters down the side of the house and ensure the rain water is collected and discharged away from your foundation.


It is recommended that all downspouts be designed to drain a minimum of 8 ft from the homes basement or crawl space walls

Walkways and Driveways

Should use permeable pavers to allow water to not run down the driveway or walkway toward the house but enable that same water to easily penetrate the soil and drain down beneath the pavers.

  • Drywells – In areas where clear daylighting of water away from the building is possible French drains or drywells should be incorporated into the water management design
  • Rain Barrels – Should be used to collect water and control its flow away from the home but also for plant and landscape watering around the house
  • Cisterns – For large landscaping, car washing, pool filling, and ponds underground cisterns can be incorporated into the water management design of a home
  • Low Flow Toilets – New water conservation toilets uses 1.7 gallons per flush compared to 7 gallons (Pre 2000 toilets) for traditional toilets. Cost of these toilets are higher than traditional but the retro-fit of existing toilets is highly recommended


Low Flow Toilets