Since 2013 Our Customers Have Saved:
Our Company

The Community Microgrid: Greener, Brighter EnergyWe are Energy House LLC. We are an energy-efficiency company located in Alexandria Virginia. Our team of energy efficiency experts covers the entire metro Washington DC area.

Our mission is to educate and inform homeowners and small businesses on energy efficiency and how to save money on their properties energy expenses.

Over the past four years alone, we have estimated that our customers have saved more than $450,000.00 collectively from the energy saving systems, devices and design of their upgraded properties. We have proven that our team of energy experts can save our customers 50% to 100% on their utility usage as well as make their homes more comfortable and healthier at the same time. We are a truly holistic company, in that we consider the entire facility. We can upgrade a properties systems, from HVAC, to lighting, insulation, SMART Tech, solar, design, functionality, and safety. Because the Energy House knows that 51% of all energy saved comes from the actions of the consumer, the team provides the SMART Technologies to not only teach our clients on how their systems and devices work, but then proves their success by monitoring our installations for a minimum of 1 year after the sale.