Bright Energy Alternatives
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Overview – The mechanical system of an energy efficient home is the heart of the structure. The first step in making a home energy efficient is by properly sizing the systems that are providing the heating and cooling of your property. This requires looking at a structure holistically from weatherization, to insulation, water recovery, to the mechanical systems in a home.

Easier and Easier – Reducing your energy needs, reducing the amount of money that you are losing each and every day from an energy inefficient mechanical system in your home is a simple as proper energy design.

First Steps – As a method of determining what the best alternatives are for the mechanical systems in a home is to do an energy model of what is and what might be in the computer before any actions are taken. The collection of information needed to do this computer model can be done through this Energy Review and then with a more comprehensive Energy Evaluation. More on that in the sections on How to Get Started.