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Published On: 28 March 2018 / Category: Blog, News / By: astracomputer ZIP BOARD BY JM HUBER COMPANIES

ZIP BOARD BY J.M. HUBER COMPANIES For years, homes have been built the same way. Not anymore. The best energy efficiency product in the market. “Some can say they are as good but none can say they are better”. Better control of thermal bridging, increased wall insulation, tremendous vapor barrier, reduced labor cost in sheathing

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Published On: 6 January 2018 / Category: Blog, Energy House 14, Featured, News / By: Charles Juris Energy House 14

Energy House 14 The first Net Zero renovation project in Alexandria VA. This 1,950 SF Net Zero Design – full renovation of an existing 1940 Townhouse in the Parker Gray District of Alexandria, VA was highlighted as Energy House 14. The improvements included, all new kitchen and baths, insulation, heating and cooling, hot water, passive

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Published On: 13 September 2017 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: Charles Juris

by Derek Meyer At first sight, it is unassuming, just one more business in a shopping center between a paint store and a restaurant supply company. However, it’s getting more and more attention and interest lately. “Welcome to the Solutions Center!” That’s Charley Juris speaking, founder of the Energy House Solutions Center, a one-stop shop

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Published On: 14 December 2016 / Category: Blog, Energy House 14 / By: Charles Juris Energy House 14 Update

Come by and visit Energy House 14 anytime – see the first renovated Net Zero home in Alexandria. All the products featured in this article are easily found and demonstrated at the Energy House Solutions Center at 4603A Eisenhower Ave in Alexandria. Call for a tour and appointment 703-593-5525 or contact The progress on

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Published On: 9 December 2016 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: Charles Juris Congressional Inaction Puts the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry and Thousands of Jobs in Peril

Congressional Inaction Puts the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry and Thousands of Jobs in Peril Tonight, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a stopgap spending bill to fund the U.S. governmentwithout including an extension of the Investment Tax Credit (Sec. 48) or Residential Energy Efficiency Property Credit (Sec. 25D) for geothermal heat pumps (GHPs). The Geothermal

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Published On: 22 November 2016 / Category: Blog / By: Charles Juris Why Trump won’t stop the clean energy revolution

By Ivy Main It is not an overstatement to say that Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton horrified everyone who is worried about climate change. Reading the news Wednesday morning was like waking up from a nightmare to discover that there really is a guy coming after you with a meat cleaver. You might not

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