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The Festival Center in Washington DC has decided to go Green!
Published On: 28 January 2020 / Category: Blog, Featured, News / By: astracomputer
Festival Center in DC goes green!

The Festival Center, a long-established Rec Center in Washington DC has decided to go Green! Given the age of their facility (25 years) the Board of Directors has engaged the process of upgrading their property to be more energy efficient.

Given their premier position of the Festival Center in this North West DC neighborhood the reasons for this greening effort are numerous:

  • To do the right thing for the earth and world we all occupy
  • To set an example for their neighbors, both businesses and residential on how to reduce energy costs.
  • How to make their facilities more comfortable and sustainable for their members, clients, tenants, and employees.

“Why now”, it may be asked? It is a matter of helping the city of DC achieve reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50% before 2032 and by 0% by 2050. Given the state of our world Global Warming, the commitment of the people and their government of DC to do their part and the continued rise of fossil fuel costs. The decision was not difficult for the Festival Centers managers to jump in right now.

Stay tuned for a step by step documentation of the process. The lessons learned, the achievements realized, the cost and return of “doing the right thing”.

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