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Published On: 27 June 2016 / Category: Blog, Partner Spotlight / By: Charles Juris 72% of Corporations Are Actively Procuring Clean Energy

Corporations are far more interested in buying their own renewables than they were even one year ago. by Katherine Tweed Cheaper renewable energy is allowing more corporations to look at options for generating their own power. But corporate sustainability mandates, rather than price alone, remain the primary driver of those purchasing decisions, according to a new

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Published On: 23 May 2016 / Category: Blog / By: Charles Juris Welcome to Willis - We truly care about our customers and our product

Welcome to Willis – We truly care about our customers and our product Featured at the new Energy House Solutions Center At Willis, we strive to be the best in the business; and in the air conditioning business you can’t aspire to being the greatest without a rigorous management system over who installs your systems and

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Published On: 23 May 2016 / Category: Blog, News / By: Charles Juris Energy House Solutions Center

“Energy Efficiency Lives Here” 4603 A Eisenhauer Avenue Alexandria, VA 22304 The Wayne St facility in Arlington was the original Solutions Center. Over the past year that facility proved the concept of an open and accessible facility to improve the awareness on energy efficiency to outside groups, entities and their members on how to save

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Published On: 23 May 2016 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: Charles Juris NET ZERO Office Space Comes To Virginia Marketplace

The Energy House attends conference sponsored by the USGBC GreenLearn to get a “first look at a future office space,” just being built in Reston VA. It is the intention of the spaces tenant, DPR Construction to create its new home as the most energy efficient large scale office space in the marketplace. It is

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Published On: 27 December 2015 / Category: News / By: Charles Juris Energy House Teams Up With Local Architect and Contractor for Arlington Garage Development

Energy House in association with DSP Contractors and SB Design Studios have taken on the development of this two story private garage structure in Arlington VA. In a job by the Energy House that initiated as a minor energy upgrade of an existing home, the Energy House was asked to take on the construction management

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Published On: 21 December 2015 / Category: Blog, Energy House 14 / By: Charles Juris 41% Savings - Heat & Cooling

The existing house has not been upgraded and has no insulation anywhere in the structure, a radiator and gas boiler, no central air conditioning, incandescent lighting only, gas hot water, original windows and doors and no energy star appliances. The projected heating and cooling loads of the existing house are 4.5 tons for heating and

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