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Published On: 31 October 2019 / Category: Blog, Featured, News, Partner Spotlight / By: astracomputer

As the cost of cable television has increased consistently, errors in billing that have occurred monthly and key channels disappear from the lineup with no cost adjustments it has become time to “CUT THE CABLE CORD” ✂️

We announced the intention of the Energy House to undertake this task in a social media post last week and was overwhelmed in your response. Thank you for your interest in our social media posts and especially we recognize the interest of our followers to CUTTING THE CABLE CORD.

We have to begin by introducing our local SMART Tech contractor that is guiding us through our process. Astra Computer of Alexandria VA is a well established company in our area that not only repairs computers, maintains your WIFI, but also installs SMART systems in your home to automate your security and lighting. It also helps monitor your energy consumption, and your solar production if you have an alternative energy system.

As it turns out “CUTTING THE CORD” is another one of the services that they offer. It is their view that saving money for their customer is their primary concern. This is what makes Astra Computer important in our task. We recommend that you give Astra Computer a call at 571-438-1868 if you are in the DC Metro area. If not find a qualified SMART Tech professional contractor in your area and enlist their assistance.

The first steps of our process as determined in our own GOOGLE research is to make a series of assessment:

Q – What are your viewing habits? What Channel’s do you watch with frequency?
A – The News for sure, the broadcast stations, sports, movies and documentaries.
Q – What premium Channels do you watch? Not subscribe too but actually watch.
A – HBO and Showtime.
Q – Take an inventory of your television equipment.
A – We have 2 TIVO Boxes, 4 Televisions, 1 Cable Box, 2 Cable Cards and an HD Box in our kitchen.
Q – What WIFI Equipment do you have?
A – We have two Routers, a line feed from our basement to the upstairs, and a number of signal boosters for the signals that come into the house from the cable company.
Q – What streaming devices do we have in the house?
A – 11 devices.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress in “CUTTING THE CABLE CORD”.

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