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Energy House 14 – Oronoco St Project – Net Zero Broken Down
Published On: 21 December 2015 / Category: Blog, Energy House 14 / By: astracomputer

The existing house has not been upgraded and has no insulation anywhere in the structure, a radiator and gas boiler, no central air conditioning, incandescent lighting only, gas hot water, original windows and doors and no energy star appliances.

The projected heating and cooling loads of the existing house are 4.5 tons for heating and 2.5 Tons for cooling. The utilities for the existing house averaged $250 per month and $3000 per year, according to past utility bills.

Expected heating and cooling loads for the upgraded home are going to be reduced by 50% to 2.5 Tons for Heating and 1 Ton for Cooling. Projected utilities for electric and gas of the upgraded home is to be $57 per month and $684 per year.

Solar panels on the roof will generate electrical power that can be sold back to the utility throughout the year. Projected income from solar panels on the roof is $700 per year.

Making this home Net Zero for its gas and electrical utilities = No Utilities for the homes operation

Upgraded Systems – Percentage savings

45% Savings – Insulation – R49 Attic – Cellulose – Wall insulation existing structure R5 only – Brick, block, plaster – Rim Joist Air Seal & Insulation R25, Basement R13 Closed Cell Foam – New additions front and rear walls R23 cellulose dense packed

45% Savings - Insulation

15% Savings – Energy Star – Windows & Doors 15% more energy efficient – Installed to Energy Star standards – Appliances throughout the kitchen and laundry areas

41% Savings – Heat & Cooling – Replaced single zone gas boiler with 41% more energy efficient, Willis Mini Split 9 zone system throughout the house.

41% Savings - Heat & Cooling

Solar Panels – Situated on the flat roof of the home, will generate electrical income to the property over the life of the panels which are estimated to be in excess of 25 years.

Solar Panels

88% Savings – LED Lighting – All interior and exterior lighting to be LED – Expected 88% reduction in lighting costs compared to incandencent bulbs. Projected LED lighting costs for the home is $24 per year. Avaerage life expectancy of LED fixtures 12 to 16 years.

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