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Whisper Valley in Austin
Published On: 8 November 2016 / Category: Partner Spotlight / By: astracomputer

Energy House Note – One of the long term sponsors of the Energy House and a big supporter of all that we do has been Michael Maher of REHAU Construction. Mike is going to be our keynote speaker at this month’s MEET-UP at the Solutions Center. Mike is going to talk about this project and his involvement. Do not miss this chance to hear about how residential development is changing forever. These guys are rocking the world – find out more by attending the November MEEET-UP.


Welcome To A New Kind Of Planned Community

Whisper Valley in AustinThere has never been any place quite like Whisper Valley in Austin. Located along the booming SH 130 corridor, it’s the blueprint for a new kind of planned community – one focused on a more complete lifestyle. Whisper Valley is an environmentally-sensitive development dedicated to energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

The Technology to Live In Harmony with Nature

Here, each home is designed to conserve natural resources as well as your financial resources. Innovative technology connects you to the world at blinding speeds while a network of parks and trails help you slow down and get away from it all. And healthy-living features like an organic garden, nature preserve and amenity/recreation center are designed to join neighborhoods, bring people together and reconnect you with nature.

We’ve created Whisper Valley to allow human beings to peacefully coexist with the planet. By harnessing the power of the sun and the earth along with other energy-efficient technologies, we’re taking steps to reduce our footprint. Naturally, this progressive community also offers families the perfect environment to enjoy all of their outside interests.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

The groundbreaking homes at Whisper Valley all utilize a unique thermal energy supply system (TESS) pre-installed at the start of development. This remarkable technology uses the thermal properties of the earth beneath our feet to heat and cool each home much more efficiently that traditional systems, reducing consumption by 65%.

A high-efficiency BOSCH geothermal heat pump provides heating, cooling and hot water. And it doesn’t require an outdoor condensing unit exposed to the elements year-round that generates unwanted noise. Just another reason we named our community Whisper Valley.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power

Imagine harnessing the world’s most powerful source of energy: our sun. Using photovoltaic solar panels cells, we’re able to convert sunlight into electricity. And residents are able to tap into it without bearing the full cost. This innovative system helps us make zero-capable ready homes available in Whisper Valley.

A Master Plan for a Better World

Whisper Valley is designed around a Master Plan Community Concept which delivers environmentally-sensitive living coupled with advanced technology – all in a picture-perfect setting. Encompassing 2,063 acres located within Austin’s Desired Development Zone, the development will include 7,500 single and multi-family homes and apartments. Two-million square feet of consumer-friendly, village-like services and workspaces will serve residents and businesses, along with two schools, a transportation hub and a fire station. And one-third of the property is earmarked for outdoor recreation, scenic trails and relaxing community areas.


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