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A Walk Through Energy House 10
Published On: 22 June 2015 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: astracomputer

Taking a tour of an Energy House Showcase home is like no other. You’re not just an observer, you’re learning about how energy efficiency works from our partners, who are local industry experts. Energy House 10 is located at 100 Quay Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia and a public tour will be held on Saturday, March 28 from noon – 4:00. We’ve taken a 1970s row house and brought it beyond the 21st century with systems and products that couldn’t have been imagined when the home was first built. We capitalized on the gorgeous views of Founders Park and the Potomac River, and created a masterpiece that is beautiful and energy efficient. This is our 10th showcase home, and we are beyond excited to show you what we’ve accomplished. Register for the tour at

Original line drawing courtesy of Karen M. Conkey architect LLC


Original line drawing courtesy of Karen M. Conkey architect LLC

All attendees will need to either pre-register online at or when they arrive on Saturday. A guide will take attendees on the tour and will direct them to areas in the home where our partners will discuss their roles in the renovation. The partners will also explain how their products and systems work. With the information that you’ll glean from the tour, you can contact Energy House to schedule an appointment at our Solutions Center in Arlington. Here, an Energy House representative will discuss, based on your needs and budget, systems and products that will work in your home. Paying high energy bills is an outdated practice, and we have the talent and the tools to help you plan for energy savings.

So who will you meet and what will you learn on the tour?

Starting on the first level of the home, you will meet Andy Capelle who will talk about how the geothermal well was drilled in the front yard, given the relatively small area, and how the system works to heat and cool the home.

Rich Abernathy will further explain how the geothermal was planned in concert with mini splits that provide zoned heating and cooling. Rich will also discuss which mechanicals were chosen and why.

Brian Burke is an expert in all the things you need to know about windows. He will talk about the types of windows that are used in the home, and give you some very enlightening facts about how much energy you lose through and around your windows.

This Quay Street home is the first residential solar project approved by the city of Alexandria. Joe Sanchez from Solar4Leesburg will be on hand to explain how they planned for and installed the solar panels on this house, and what this will mean in terms of energy savings.

Not only is the indoor space breathtaking, but also the outdoor space thanks to Tommy De La Torre. Tommy designed and installed the landscaping and will talk about he used eco-friendly practices and methods in this space.

The general contractor, Federal Contracting and architect, Karen Conkey, will be available to talk about the big picture planning and contribute their thoughts on this exemplary home.

June Stanich has carefully documented the renovation of this home from the beginning and will be sharing her video and still photography.

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