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Energy House Launches Energy House #14
Published On: 21 December 2015 / Category: Blog, Energy House 14, News / By: astracomputer

Its fourth project in Alexandria, its most ambitious open house showcase yet!

As part of the Oronoco project renovation, Energy House was asked to get involved by Architect Salvatore Benvenga and his clients, to include energy efficiency due to the enormous potential of the site and the structure.

Along with great architectural layout, design and spacing the added incorporation of energy efficiency makes this property a tremendous example of what the potential what renovated homes in this area should and can become. According to Benvenga, “the market for well designed, energy efficient homes in Alexandria has not been addressed until now.”

SBDS“We have been told that Alexandria does not care about energy efficiency” commented the architect for this project. “While the general community has not weighed in as of yet, it is clear from our interaction with the City planning, and approval authorities their support for this project has been outstanding.”

Energy House 14 will be a chance for all of Alexandria to learn more about the possibilities of energy efficiency and how to include it to the renovation or new home plans for your project. The Energy House and its team of professional energy experts are local, experienced and offer vetted materials, systems and contractors for proven reduced energy consumption.

The Energy House monitors almost all of our projects in the metro area to not only prove its projections but also to show the homeowner the results of their investment in their own property.

Look for more information on the up-coming open house showcase events that will be held at Oronoco St in the coming months. Because of the gracious attitude of these property owners, EH 14 will be opening for visits throughout the renovation process. Sign up on the web site to see how energy efficiency is done successfully to the Net Zero level to the full elimination of this properties, electric and gas costs.

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