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International Climate Party – Letter to activists
Published On: 17 February 2021 / Category: Education / By: astracomputer

We are writing to you to advance a Climate Change concept by you to unite the world against the coming crisis. As a recognized leader in the CC field and we are reaching out in an attempt to improve the awareness of Climate Change. Will you please let us know what you think and if there is anything to our proposal to change the world.

For the past 15+ years, The Energy House Team has been on the front line of the Climate Change battle. We have improved more than 2000 buildings in the metro DC area by saving our clients more than ¾ of a million dollars in energy costs in just the past five years.

It has been our mantra “We are saving the earth – one building at a time.”

Two years ago, with the uptick in the business marketplace, we switched our efforts to primarily commercial properties. In that short time, we have had some great success. Saving commercial customers substantial energy, teaching their employees how to help their own homes, and championing the education of the population against the coming Climate Change disaster.

In our last commercial project, we not only were able to reduce the energy consumption by 86%, but we were able to prove the savings with an Energy Dashboard that we created. Our Dashboard displays real-time information – all the mechanical, security, lighting, and energy-producing systems in the building. It also monitors energy usage before and after the upgrade of the facilities proving the ROI on the work that was done.

We are doing all that we can! We need help and since we are all in this together we are reaching out with a concept that we have developed to drive awareness to CC.

What it comes down to is that without strong leadership from our government “Doing the Right Thing” is not getting it done. Marching in the streets, lobbying for legislation, social media posts, saving energy  “one building at a time”, talking to our friends and family, and making energy efficiency make economic sense is not working fast enough to bring about the changes we need. It is estimated that we are losing 335 billion tons of ice per year!

Now we have Covid-19. Just when Greta and all the activists were making the concept of Climate Change undeniable we have a whole new focus for people to deal with. Given the virus, the lack of focus on CC, and the fact that this will be the hottest year on record it is our firsthand experience that something has to change. An International Climate Party is our best answer.

The Woman’s Suffrage efforts were successful in securing the vote for women more than 100 years ago. What is not said is that effort took 2.5 decades of marching, protests, and all that went into that movement? Unfortunately, we do not have that much time to see the changes we need immediately to save our species, wildlife, and ultimately the earth as we know it.

Politicians are not listening, the virus has their full attention, and therefore very little action is being taken to stop Climate Change. We see it every day in our dealings with local and state governments. There is no direct action being taken on the most serious issue of our time. We need very strong leadership from our governments and right now there is very little.

It is our position that these politicians only respond to “Money and Votes”. As a result, Climate Change leaders need to get the climate activists organized. We need an international political party that has its focus on CC but also offers its members in coalition with existing governments to govern.

As millions march and strike against Climate Change ask them to leave their existing Party and join the International Climate Party (ICP). Organize the party to focus on Climate Change but also to lend a hand with their constituents to run their countries. Run for office, compromise to all issues with the other side all the while asking “What Do We Get toward Climate Change”. Raise money, bring in new members, and make real changes in policy to save the earth. Without our millions of party members voting in coalition with the establishment parties, nothing has a chance of passing.

Climate Change activists are not just liberal or conservative. Some of our most conservative clients realize saving energy if not only good for their pockets but it is “the right thing to do”.

Scenario #1 – Bring Climate Change to the forefront. Announce a Climate Change party congress to be held somewhere strategic in the world. Publish some basic principles for the meeting. (For example – to create an international Climate Change party). Elect 3 delegates from every country in the world. Run the elections on the internet, not through the normal voting systems. For those countries or communities with low internet access make that a major plank in the Party Platform. Broadband for the world.

Scenario #2 – Have the elections for the Party delegates in a short period across all countries. Create websites and voting platforms to register new members and count votes. Have a vigorous debate about what each of our potential delegates would advance for concepts to a Worldwide Congress. The media attention to this process would be incredible. It would be done virtually so it would be safe against the virus but it would bring Climate Change to the day-to-day discussions of all our population.

Scenario #3 – The International Congress occurs and we might come out with an agreement to work together to not only save the world but to govern it more responsibly. China and Russia, to name only two governments would not like this at all. Imagine what a Party like this could do for those people especially.

Marching and strikes will work but we do not have this time to educate the world’s population. Rather we need direct pressure on our politicians to lead their governments to make hard policies that need to be instituted. The alternative is the crisis our current behavior has us running headlong into.

We reach out with our ideas because what we are all doing is not working fast enough. Climate leaders such as yourselves need to advance ideas that will “Save our World”. This is our effort to reach and ask you to help our movement get organized. This is just one idea. There may be others that are better. But what we are doing now is no more than “The Definition of Insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

Thank you for taking the time to read. In the meantime, the battle continues. We are still endeavoring to save the world one building at a time. Would love to hear your thoughts.

The Energy House Team

Charles Juris

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