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Published On: 13 October 2016 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: astracomputer Ever see the build-out of a zero energy home? Here’s your chance

Written by Jim Pierobon In a state not known for policies nor utilities that encourage energy efficiency investments, there is now a clearinghouse of efficiency solutions in Northern Virginia. This Saturday, October 15, 2016, the Energy House Solutions Center is holding a preview of the first “zero-energy” home in Alexandria, engineered to incur no net

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Published On: 23 September 2016 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: astracomputer Smart, Energy-Efficient, Homes For Northern Virginians

by Andy Powell Pierobon For all the intelligent home buyers and sellers I’ve had the privilege of serving, more of them are asking about features that deliver more comfort and save them money on their energy bills. For those of you out there really serious about that, Northern Virginia now has Charley Juris and his

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Published On: 24 July 2016 / Category: Blog, Featured, Partner Spotlight / By: astracomputer Lumos solar

Lumos products and services enable the easy integration of functional and aesthetic solar solutions into any project. We are changing the perception of solar from being an unattractive electrical appliance to a functional design element. Lumos was founded with the intention to build a business whose products and services make a positive and lasting impact

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Published On: 23 May 2016 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: astracomputer NET ZERO Office Space Comes To Virginia Marketplace

The Energy House attends conference sponsored by the USGBC GreenLearn to get a “first look at a future office space,” just being built in Reston VA. It is the intention of the spaces tenant, DPR Construction to create its new home as the most energy efficient large scale office space in the marketplace. It is

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Published On: 26 June 2015 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: astracomputer Energy House 10

Keeping the Charm, While Losing the Bills:  How One Couple is Remodeling Their Old Town Row House Using Energy Efficient Systems Walking along North Union Street near Founders Park, the row houses pull you into the history of Old Town Alexandria. As you walk through the city, you imagine how novel it must be for

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Published On: 22 June 2015 / Category: Blog, Featured / By: astracomputer Original line drawing courtesy of Karen M. Conkey architect LLC

Taking a tour of an Energy House Showcase home is like no other. You’re not just an observer, you’re learning about how energy efficiency works from our partners, who are local industry experts. Energy House 10 is located at 100 Quay Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia and a public tour will be held on Saturday, March 28 from noon – 4:00.

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