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Astra Computer – Smart Tech Overview
Published On: 8 November 2018 / Category: Blog, Partner Spotlight / By: astracomputer

Astra Computer LLC is a family owned and operated business from Alexandria, VA. We provide a wide range of IT services to individuals and small businesses in Washington D.C. Metro Area.

The Energy House 16 will feature the following smart home technologies:

  • mesh WiFi network that provides a seamless WiFi coverage throughout the house;
  • WiFi thermostats and WiFi mini-split controllers with remote control and a mobile app;
  • IP security cameras with cloud storage, remote control and mobile app;
  • WiFi smart plugs;
  • Alexa smart voice control of smart home devices


Mesh WiFi will be provided with a set of 3 Eero Pro routers located on each floor. The cool thing about mesh networks is that they enable multiple routers to work as a team. When all your routers can communicate and share information with each other, they can improve three important features of your network: range, speed, and stability. A mesh network has a greater range and is much faster and stronger than your normal WiFi network.

WiFi thermostats and WiFi mini-split controllers will be provided by Honeywell equipment. Most mini splits don’t offer a WiFi connection but the Honeywell D6 Pro changes that. You can control your ductless system from your smartphone or tablet or even an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker.

IP security cameras and WiFi smart plugs connect to the existing WiFi network and are easily controlled by a mobile app, from a tablet or a personal computer. They are also integrated with Alexa, so you can voice control your home appliances with The Smart Plug and by simply giving voice commands to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. With Alexa you can just easily respond to your visitor or check on your kids and pets with your voice. Once you asked, Alexa will show you your cameras’ live stream on TV or Echo Show immediately.